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Spiritual Cleansing

Distant Energy Healing

Distant Energy Healing is the ability to heal and cleanse energies from a distance, this is also known as remote healing and long distance healing.

A distant energy healer or energy worker can connect and heal energies remotely to heal those in a different location, state or country. We're all connected through energy and when it comes to energy healing, time and space do not make a difference. During a distant energy healing, the distant energy healer can connect with your energy using different techniques, once the distant energy healer has connected, they can transmit healing energy to clear negative energy, dark entities and remove energetic blockages that hinders your energy from flowing through freely.There are many different techniques and modalities of distant energy healing as each practioner is trained or naturally gifted differently but each technique is simply used to send out healing energy to benefit the client to help them heal and balance themselves in mind, body and Spirit.

Distant energy healing can be used for many different types of emotional, mental, physical and Spiritual issues. During the healing session, the client may feel a tingling sensation going through there body or particular energy center that the energy worker is working on, it is normal to feel nothing or just more calm and relaxed during the session. Some clients notice the healing affects almost instantly and some clients need more time. Some clients may need a few days or a few weeks for the healing process to be complete, this depends on how quickly the client connects to the healing and how fast there energy heals. Distant energy healing can also be used to help a family member, friend or loved one that needs healing or energy balancing.

Distant energy healing can also be used to heal a home or specific area that needs to be cleared of negative energy. The distant energy healer simply connects to the area with a photo or an object from the area and transmits healing energy to clear the area.

Welcome to Spiritual Cleansing. I am a Spiritual Psychic, Distant energy healer and I specialize in Spiritual cleansing, chakra balancing and crystal healing. I work with people from all over the globe.

If you have any questions about Spiritual cleansing, please feel free to contact me using the contact form below.